Terms of Service

1.1 Your service will be carried out either every 4 or every 8 weeks depending on your choice.

1.2 Your cleans are guaranteed for 24 hours regardless of weather conditions - if you have any issues, please get in touch within 24 hours so we can do all we can to put it right as soon as possible.

1.3 We pride ourselves on being regular and reliable and we appreciate our customers respecting this too. We book all of our jobs in the day before, so if for any reason your clean can’t go ahead you need to reply to your appointment message the same day to inform us. The morning of the clean or when we turn up is too late for us to schedule alternative work and we reserve the right to charge you full price for the clean if you do not provide notice.

1.4 Access must be available by 8am. If we can’t access your property we will clean as many windows as possible at a charge of 70% of your full bill amount.

1.5a Right to cancel before your service has started. You have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period after you’ve accepted your quote and provided your payment information to cancel any pending appointments, provided your first clean has not been completed. Please email us to request this. Cancellation after 14 days or once you’ve received your first clean is not permitted as we do not provide a ‘one off’ service and is subject to a cancellation charge of £30 to cover our setup costs.

1.5b Right to cancel after your service has started. If for any reason you wish to cancel your service you can do so by providing 28 days’ notice via email, or text message on 07540816780. We don’t provide a ‘one off’ service, so we ask that you are prepared to commit to at least 3 appointments before cancelling. Requesting to end your service earlier than this is subject to a cancellation charge of £30 to cover our setup costs.

1.6 All of your information is stored securely on our database and won’t be shared with any other company nor used for any marketing materials. You can request the information we hold by sending us an email.

1.7 Your payments will be collected via Direct Debit approximately 3-5 working days after your clean has been completed. The exact date will be confirmed by email after we process each payment. If your payment fails to collect we will retry it once automatically. If the payment fails a second time the total outstanding bill will need to be paid by credit or debit card by phone or electronic invoice within 7 days. We reserve the right to cancel your service for lapsing payments without further notice. Payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. More info about GoCardless can be found here.

2.1 We use the Water Fed Pole method of cleaning windows. Your windows will be left wet once we have completed your clean and left to dry naturally. The water is purified so this method won’t leave any streaks or smears. If you need any more information on this method please email us.

2.2 We are fully insured up to £2 million in the event we become liable for any damage to your property as a result of our service or equipment. This is underwritten and arranged by Hiscox Insurance Limited. If you require our policy number, please ask.

2.3 We take all complaints seriously and will handle them with sensitivity and professionalism. Whilst we hope you will always be delighted with our service we appreciate sometimes things may not go right and we will reply to any queries within 24 hours.

You'll be sent your first appointment date via SMS within 24 hours of registering your payment information.

If you require any more information or have any questions you would like answered please email us
Booking our service in 4 easy steps
Contact us to schedule your clean
We will remind you the day before we arrive
You make access available & we complete the clean
Payments are collected by GoCardless