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Pure Water Window Cleaning

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Why choose Premier Exterior Clean for your regular window cleaning

A Complimentary Text Message

Every appointment is confirmed by text so you can ensure access is available on the day.

A First Class Clean Guaranteed

Your windows,  sills, frames and doors will be cleaned on every visit.  

Cleans are also guaranteed for 24 hours regardless of weather conditions.

Hassle Free Payments

We will charge your preferred payment method on completion, so you won't have to remember to pay your bill

The advantages of using a pure water window cleaning system is we can now reach previously inaccessible windows, third & fourth floor windows, windows above conservatories and extensions with no risk of damage to your property or ourselves. We can even clean windows in the RAIN!!

Ensuring we maintain our promise to supply a regular and reliable, year round window cleaning service.

Please read our Terms of service before requesting a quote.

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